Plans for Leukaemia

I have provided access to some of my plans with full construction details so you can have a go at building them for personal use.

The plans are free of charge to download but all I would ask are two things.

Firstly if you like the plan and appreciate the work that has gone into providing it for you, then please consider making a small donation to the Leukaemia Research charity within your country.  You are free to use the plans without donating but these organisations do great work and need all the help they can get.  Anything you can donate will help them immensely.

As I am originally from the UK the logo below links to the UK donation site.


Within the US you can donate here (sorry for some reason they didn’t authorize the use of their logo when I contacted them).

Secondly it would help if you would not mind letting me know which plan you downloaded using the Contact Form or just post a Comment.  It will help me know which plans are popular so I can add more of a similar kind.

If you like the designs and plans then please also like my page on Facebook.

Sofa Side Table


Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Side Table

Small Chest of Drawers from 4 by 2’s

Chest of Drawers

Download Plans :  Andrew Harris Woodwork – Chest of Drawers from 2 by 4s

Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers 3

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Chest of Drawers

Full Size Bed

Full Size Bed 1

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Bed

Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Counter Height Bar Stool Plans

Office Cabinet

Office Cabinet 1

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Office Cabinet Plans

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – CoffeeTable

Patio Table

Patio Table 1

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Patio Table

Grilling Table

Grilling Table 2

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Grilling Table

Pull out spice racks

Spice storage 2

Download Plans : Sliding Cupboard Storage

Work bench

Work Bench

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Work Bench

Built in Bookcase

Built in bookcase 9 small

Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – Built in Bookcase

Full Size Bed – The Jocelyn Model


Download Plans : Andrew Harris Woodwork – The Jocelyn Bed

21 thoughts on “Plans for Leukaemia

  1. Absolutely awesome work. Love all your work. Please keep going. Would like to also say that I have a monthly payment that goes to the uk Leukaemia foundation as have family who have had and are suffering from it. Please keep it up. Many thanks for the plans. Steve

  2. I appreciate the creativity in the doors and panels, all made with pocket hole joinery, for example, the vanity. Opens up a lot of ideas for me. Thanks. All the best.

  3. Great Website you have, I have downloaded 3 of your plans, The Jocelyn Bed and The Full Size Bed, also the Patio Table. I Donate Regularly for Cancer Reserch at Clatterbridge Hospital, I went there as a patient as I had Testicular Cancer, I’m ok now but still go for tests now at the Linda McCarney Suite at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, so from all the people who have suffered one form of Cancer or another, thank you for your Fund Raising.

  4. Andrew, thanks for sharing your plans. I recently built the grilling table, and I found the plan to be very well organized and easy to follow. Especially for a novice like myself. For anyone out there considering this build, I would recommend it. It was a confidence booster and only took about 5 hours to complete. I used select grade pine rather than cedar because I though the pine would be easier to work with, however after completion I think cedar would have been just fine.

  5. Hi Andrew. Thank you for posting your plans. I downloaded the following to take a look at them in detail. I may go ahead and use the ones that have an asterisk after them.
    Mudroom Unit
    Grilling Table*
    Sliding Cupboard Storage*
    Built-In Bookcase* (a variation of your plan)

    Jim M.

  6. You do beautiful work. Downloaded the chest of drawers and hopefully my hubby and I will be able to make it. I will be donating to the leukemia foundation as well. Thank you.

  7. Andrew, thank you very much for sharing your building plans. I’m new to woodworking and your detailed plans are great! All of your work is beautiful.
    I downloaded most of your plans.
    I think I will attempt the side table first then move on to the sliding cupboard storage.
    I will be donating.

  8. Love the plans. Going to make the small chest of drawers. Donation made to the cause. Cheers! Steve H in Portsmouth UK.

  9. I downloaded the Grilling Table and the Small Chest of Drawers but I like them all! Thanks so much for this.

  10. You are Incredibly talented & your thoughtful generosity is appreciated. Donation made & hoping to build that amazing table you have shared. Love it!!!
    Thank you

  11. Andrew,
    You are very talented & do beautiful work, thank you for posting the plans online. I downloaded the entrance cabinet and will be sending a donation to the leukemia foundation. I’m not familiar first hand with the leukemia foundation so if you have one in particular that you prefer the donation be made to, please let me know. I’m not sure if there are multiple foundations or just 1 national one.
    Thanks again for posting the plans to your beautiful work.

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