Finding that unique piece of furniture from a mass market store for the exact space you need it to fit and match the design you want can be an impossible task.

The alternative is a custom piece made to fit your requirements at typically no more cost than a store bought mass produced item.

We can design a piece to fit your needs and provide finished or unfinished for you to stain or paint as required and fit your own hardware.

If you have seen something you like online or in store send me the details and the dimensions you require and as much other information you can (preference for stain or paint etc).

We can then produce a drawing and provide a quote for a custom piece.

Contact us today at info@andrewharriswoodwork.com or 770 825 3811 to discuss your needs and get a free no obligation estimate.

From drawing… To finished product…

Mirror Table drawingCabinet 1 FB

entrance cabinet Entrance Cabinet 3 FB

Bed 3 Bed 4002 website small

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  1. Hi there!! LOVE your British flag… my husband is a Brit!! I’m looking for a very simple game table. Nothing fancy, just basically a square table but with a farmhouse feel. Maybe a drawer or two right under the table top for cards, etc. This is for our basement and we’d like it to play board games and do puzzles on. Can you help?? Thanks so much!!

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